Redecorating a room can be quite simple - a fresh coat of paint, re-arrangement of furniture - or more complicated and expensive.

  Do you have hobbies or collections? A collection of photographs or your favourite posters can make a lovely and personal wall hanging to display your important interests.

  Items that show a craft (either your own or collected from places you have visited) can bring a warmth and sense of comfort to a room. Using them for decoration can be amazing!A blanket in traditional colours or crocheted by hand can drape over a furniture piece or hang on a section of wall - and they can keep your feet warm in winter!

  Of course, if you have a craft, a display of your own work creates not only warmth in the room but is also an opportunity to show your skills to advantage.

  Fresh fabric on cushion covers, curtains or recovered furniture will brighten and refresh the room.

  Perhaps one of you is a whiz at woodwork? A set of shelves or a coffee table with space for storage are not only decorative but will contain items and keep the room tidy. We have seen some quite remarkable uses for recycled pallets as furniture or fittings.

 A simple vase of flowers, a small indoor plant, or a montage of your children's artwork adds colour and a welcome to any room.

  For more extensive plans we have found several amazing businesses to supply materials for whatever renovation you plan. Simply click on the links we provide and go shopping. 


Children do have a habit of growing up. Interests, hobbies and toys change so quickly and they develop their own tastes.

  Crayons and toy cars are soon replaced by school books and school colours; closely followed by teenage fashion sense, computers, homework - and bigger friends.

  Updating a child's room can be one of the more expensive rooms mentioned earlier and creates the need for different furniture and more space. 

  They will need more storage for clothes, hobbies and books; the cost of new furnishings; and if the old room is just too small some alterations to the construction of the house might also be necessary. Teens might have their own ideas for redecoration and paintwork too.

  We have found some really helpful sources with suggestions for bedrooms and d├ęcor. Links will be added here for you to share with your child. We are sure you will find suitable products among these.


Young people today often purchase their first home on a tight budget - either to live in or as an investment - and often the home is less than perfect to meet the needs they will face for an entire lifetime.

Our home, for instance, was a rental property for some years.   A nice little cottage, but not as perfect as we imagined it could be.

We were fortunate to have a landlord who made us a generous offer of purchase when my mother came into my care.

  Carpets in the living-dining area were well past being 'dated'.

  The large pergola area didn't offer enough protection from tropical storms.

  Garaging for our 2 vehicles with a workbench was a necessity.

  I needed storage for materials and machines in a craft room.

  Alterations to the bathroom were needed to provide railings for disabled access.

 Contact us with your plans to modernise your home

For alterations such as we needed, a professional will be needed. We were fortunate to know a Master Builder who designed a large room suitable for entertaining where the pergola had been, with a new roofline to allow us an external patio.

Be sure to check licencing and reputation before hiring any professional!